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Why Green Globe 21 for Coles Bay?  

The Freycinet Peninsula is one of the earth’s magical places. We want to keep it that way. Whilst we are happy to share its beauty, imagine if in 10 or 20 years time we have destroyed the very things we love and that visitors presently come here to experience – pristine beaches with water so clear you can see the fish swimming, unspoilt bushland with its fragile wildflowers backed by our unique pink granite mountains, native animals and birds including our wonderful whales and dolphins. Then there’s the peace and serenity of our surroundings. We want these things to remain for all time.  Green Globe 21 benchmarking will help us to preserve them.

What is Green Globe 21?

Green Globe is the global benchmarking, certification and improvement system for sustainable travel and tourism. It’s based on Agenda 21 Principles of Sustainable Development endorsed by 182 Heads of State at the United Nations Rio de Janiero Earth Summit. It provides communities with a path to sustainable travel and tourism. The Green Globe program assesses the major environmental, social and economic issues facing our planet by focussing on the following key impact areas:

  • greenhouse gas emissions;
  • energy efficiency, conservation and management;
  • management of freshwater resources;
  • ecosystem conservation and management;
  • management of social and cultural issues;
  • land use planning and management;                                       
  • air quality protection and noise control;
  • waste water management;
  • waste minimisation, reuse and recyclin
Green Globe works with communities to maintain good environmental and social practice, deliver maximum benefit to all interested parties and provide choice for concerned consumers.

This community, in conjunction with Glamorgan/Spring Bay Council, has made a commitment to protecting the environment through the Green Globe 21 program. In November 2005 Coles Bay/Freycinet achieved Green Globe 21 benchmarked status, which recognises our commitment to operating at the world’s highest environmental standards.

Cathy Parsons, Chief Executive Officer of Green Globe 21 International, said that she is delighted Glamorgan/Spring Bay Council has achieved benchmarked status.  “The commitment they have shown in signing up to participate in the Green Globe program sets an example for other communities to follow.”

Green Globe is a certification awarded by